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  • The White Deer

    The White Deer is the grandest and largest inn in [[Sandpoint]], standing at three stories tall, with a dozen spacious rooms. The inn's name is derived from the pair of white, wooden deer that stand astride the entrance. Though it remains as affordable as …

  • The Way North

    The Way North is a cartography library and store operated by [[:veznutt-parooh | Veznutt Parooh]], who specializes in maps and charts of [[Varisia]] and its local regions.

  • Savah's Armory

    Savah's Armory serves the town of [[Sandpoint]] in all manner of weapons and armor, including masterwork and exotic items. [[:savah-bevaniky | Savah Bevaniky]] is the owner. Towards the back of the shop, a magical darkwood and ivory crossbow is on display …

  • Risa's Place

    Risa's Place is a tavern that has been in [[Sandpoint]] since the town's founding. It is operated by the Magravi siblings, Besk, Lanalee, and Vodger, and headed by the elderly blind sorceress [[:risa-magravi | Risa Magravi]]. The tavern is popular with …

  • The Pillbug's Pantry

    The Pillbug's Pantry is a medicine and potion shop in [[Sandpoint]]. Except for a painting of a pillbug on a mushroom outside the door, the building gives no indication that it is a shop. It is owned by a rotund little man named [[:aliver-pillbug-podiker …

  • Bottled Solutions

    Bottled Solutions is a potions shop owned by [[:nisk-tander | Nisk Tander]]. All of Nisk's goods are of his own creation, and he assures each customer of their potency and takes great offense to reports that they might not have the desired effect.

  • Cracktooth's Tavern

    Cracktooth's Tavern is located near the [[Sandpoint Theater]] and is always packed whenever a show lets out. The proprietor, [[:jesk-cracktooth-berinni | Jesk "Cracktooth" Berinni]], keeps a large stage in the tavern for patrons to perform on, which every …

  • The Curious Goblin

    The Curious Goblin is a bookshop owned and operated by [[:chask-haladan | Chask Haladan]]. He seems to be less interested in profit than in maintaining an exhaustive collection -- books on all sorts of topics can be found here.

  • Sandpoint General Store

    Sandpoint's most popular general store is owned and operated by one [[:ven-vinder | Ven Vinder]] and his wife, Solsta. Their teenage daughters, Katrine and Shayliss, usually help out around the store as well. The shop has something for every practical …

  • Maver Kesk

    Maver Kesk is the local jeweler of [[Sandpoint]] and is married to [[:pennae-kesk | Pennae Kesk]]. His shop and its valuable wares are constantly guarded by a few local toughs.

  • Volioker Briskalberd

    Volioker Briskalberd is a locksmith who has resided in [[Sandpoint]] since the town's founding. Most of the town's locks have been built by him.

  • Larz Rovanky

    Larz Rovanky is a tanner living [[Sandpoint]], working in leather and furs. He demands such perfection from his goods that he sometimes gets carried away and fires incompetent workers, preferring to do the jobs himself. Fortunately, most of his customers …