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  • Belor Hemlock

    Belor Hemlock is the sheriff of [[Sandpoint]] and head of [[Sandpoint Garrison]]. Well-liked around town, Hemlock is widely regarded as the hero of the [[The Late Unpleasantness | Chopper incident]]. He is in a brotherly feud with [[:garridan-viskalai | …

  • Savah Bevaniky

    Savah Bevaniky owns [[Savah's Armory]] in [[Sandpoint]]. She's known for giving cute nicknames to her customers and for describing the use of exotic weapons in gory detail.

  • Das Korvut

    Das Korvut is a smith and the owner of Red Dog Smithy, named after his three huge red mastiffs. Das's outrageous temper, foul attitude, and drunken midnight rants are tolerated by [[Sandpoint]] only for the quality of his products.