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  • Garridan Viskalai

    Garridan Viskalai owns and operates [[The White Deer]] inn. A proud [[Shoanti]] man, he gave up the traditional Shoanti nomadic lifestyle to support his family in [[Sandpoint]]. His stern attitude seems to drive off customers, unfortunately. He is the …

  • Maver Kesk

    Maver Kesk is the local jeweler of [[Sandpoint]] and is married to [[:pennae-kesk | Pennae Kesk]]. His shop and its valuable wares are constantly guarded by a few local toughs.

  • Brodert Quink

    The elderly Brodert Quink is a scholar of [[Varisia | Varisian]] history and engineering, as well as an expert on [[Thassilon | Thassilonian]] ruins.

  • Kendra Deverin

    Kendra Deverin is mayor of [[Sandpoint]] and a member of the locally renowned Deverin family, one of the original merchant families to found Sandpoint. She is popular in town for her kindly and personable attitude, and for not being afraid to handle …

  • Larz Rovanky

    Larz Rovanky is a tanner living [[Sandpoint]], working in leather and furs. He demands such perfection from his goods that he sometimes gets carried away and fires incompetent workers, preferring to do the jobs himself. Fortunately, most of his customers …

  • Das Korvut

    Das Korvut is a smith and the owner of Red Dog Smithy, named after his three huge red mastiffs. Das's outrageous temper, foul attitude, and drunken midnight rants are tolerated by [[Sandpoint]] only for the quality of his products.

  • Jesk "Cracktooth" Berinni

    Jesk "Cracktooth Berinni" is the proprietor of [[Cracktooth's Tavern]]. His thuggish appearance belies a well-read and scathing wit. He sometimes takes to the stage of his tavern to deliver uproarious observations of the political situation in [[Magnimar …

  • Chask Haladan

    The elderly, scholarly Chask Haladan is the owner of [[The Curious Goblin]]. He seems to care more about maintaining a complete collection than making any profit at the business, similarly enjoying chatting with other local scholars.

  • Aesrick Battlehorn

    Aesrick Battlehorn is the guildmaster of the [[Sandpoint Carpenter's Guild]]. Supposedly, he was ousted from his dwarven homeland for his heretical love of wood over stone.